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Pressure Vessels & Tanks

dscn0039_large_full vesselAt LGI we provide specialty tank and equipment fabrication through our partner fabrication shop, Consolidated Fabricators as well as other specialty fabrication shops. Our engineers work with customers to design chemical processing equipment meeting all required specifications including process design requirements, material compatibility, code conformity, and safety considerations. Our project personnel oversee projects from start to finish to achieve quality and timely products.

ASME pressure vessels are designed and fabricated in accordance with the latest Section VIII Div. 1 code from carbon steel or stainless steel. Tanks are designed and fabricated to customer and/or API specifications. Tanks may also be jacketed or dimpled for cooling or heating applications. In addition to storage tanks, we have experience in the design and fabrication of a full range of specialty mixing and storage tanks including tanks for processing hazardous chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine, anhydrous hydrochloric acid,  trichlorosilane, and other chemicals. These tanks are used in the waste water treating, petrochemical refining, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, solar, and other manufacturing industries.