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Process Systems & Equipment

process_skids_full systems At LGI our experienced engineering and fabrication teams provide design, fabrication, and repair of specialty chemical process skids. We primarily service the refinery, natural gas, chemical, petrochemical, semiconductor manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries by providing expert engineering, consulting, and design work. Examples of our expertise include oxygen control, acid gas treating, amine contacting and regeneration, ammonia vaporization, and petroleum refinery skids. Custom equipment can be designed as part of new facility construction or integrated into existing process systems. Features including pressure vessels, instrumentation, metering devices and custom pipe spools can be added to skids as specified to fit each individual application.

Custom skid systems can be fabricated from aluminum, steel, or stainless steel and galvanized or coated to customer specifications. Safety engineers ensure that all skids operate within the parameters required by industry-specific organizations. Complete documentation and operator training is provided with each skid. Engineers can conduct an on-site hazards analysis with customer personnel to completely catalog all safety concerns and create comprehensive procedures according the PHA/PHM requirements. LGI’s custom process skids can be found in specialty processing and gas treatment facilities throughout the world.