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Specialty Equipment

Our engineers at LGI have developed proprietary and custom equipment for oil and gas, petrochemical, water treatment, and other industries.

 Acid Gas BurnersTypical Burners

Acid gas burners designed by LGI are used in refinery and petrochemical processing facilities across the globe. LGI fabricated burners meet ASME and client specifications. With increasingly severe operating requirements, it is essential for sulfur unit operators to have an engineering partner with proven technology. We have extensive experience in new construction, upgrades, and troubleshooting of existing systems. We work with virtually any acid gas handling process including enriched oxygen processing, ammonia processing, and sub-dew point Claus processes as well as direct oxidation and MDEA based tail gas treating.

Chemical Processing Equipment

LGI can design gas and chemical processing equipment and systems to meet clients’ specifications. LGI can also provide testing and product development using the resources of Consolidated Fabricators, Inc.